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Seagull may not function as the first brand of guitar that folks recognize but these people make great traditional guitars, which is everything really matters, and I’ve study several claims this, the Seagull S6, is one of the best acoustic guitars for almost any beginner at beneath $500. Is that correct though.

The features with the Seagull S6 electric guitar include a sound top with wild cherry back as well as sides, a rosewood fingerboard as well as bridge, tusq nut and compensated saddle. It comes inside a semi-gloss lacquer end.

As a guitar which is rated one of the best acoustic guitars for novices you would expect a great sound and the Seagull S6 won’t disappoint. The guitar produces a mellow, warm sound that for your price is exceptionally good, even bettering that of many guitars that are twice the price and made by bigger names. It doesn’t quite match the top Taylor or Martin guitars however for the price it will come closer than you would imagine.

Looks is in which the Seagul S6 is slightly disappointed as it is not even close to the prettiest regarding acoustic guitars you will find (at least in my opinion). That said it was created to last and in case your a beginner that wants to avoid having to upgrade in the years time then a S6 is a superb choice as you’ll last you if you want it to be able to.

To sum up if you’re keen on looks than high quality of sound and build then a Seagull S6 isn’t for you but otherwise I recommend it. The Washburn D10S can be a little cheaper plus more popular but for your little bit extra I think the Seagull S6 Original may be the better acoustic guitar to get a beginner.